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"Keiler's addictive, sharp diary comics remind us that literally everything is funny and the small things are important, from dinner to therapy to pet rats (both dead and alive)." - Lisa Hanawalt (Creator of Tuca & Bertie, author of Coyote Doggirl and producer of BoJack Horseman)

"Keiler's quiet, dry comics are some of the most poignant and funny of our time...beneath the deadpan situational comedy lies an ocean of turbulent emotional honesty." - John Porcellino (Creator of King-Cat Comics)

"Pet deaths and parenting, embarrassing childhood memories and mental illness, Roberts documents her daily life’s minutiae, its up and downs, with the deftness of an observational comedian. Her comics demonstrate that sometimes life can deal you a punch to the gut, but it doesn’t have to be devoid of a punch line." - Koyama Press

"Keiler Roberts wouldn’t call herself a life coach. Judging by her self-deprecating autobiographical comics, she would balk at the idea of herself as a figure of inspiration. But whenever I finish one of her books, I leave with new lessons in how I should lead my life: cherish the small stuff; don’t run from reality; pay attention to your mental health; accept the bad you can’t control and push through to create more good. For the last three years, Koyama Press has released an annual collection of Roberts’ diary comics: SunburningChlorine Gardens, and this year’s Rat Time. Each year these are some of the funniest comics to see print, finding humor in everyday exchanges between Roberts and her family while turning sadness and gloom into punchlines." - Oliver Sava (A.V. Club)

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